Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blade / Stick Angles of Attack

In Lameco Eskrima there is 12 Angles of Attack that is used. These are the same for both stick and knife. Angles description is as follows 1. High Diagonal slash from right to left, striking Temple 2. Low Diagonal Slash from top of Attacker Leg to Knee going from Left to Right 3. Opposite of side #2 going from right to Left. 4. Opposite side of #1 going from left to right. 5. Thrust strike to attacker groin (Knife) Upward Thrust to attacker stomach (Stick). 6. Horizontal Slash mid section striking attacker elbow from left to Right. 7. Opposite of #6 going from right to left. 8 - 9. Thrust to attacker Chest, follow by diagonal strike to Collar Bone going left to right. 10 - 11 Opposite of #8-9 but striking right to left. 12 Center line strike down through the attacker body or opposite way upward Center line strike.

Lameco Eskrima classes are held every Saturday morning in Fitness Dock Gym Dublin City Center. If you like to attend drop me a email at

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